Your Voice

We all have a voice. We all started our journey in this life with an uninhibited cry upon birth. This cry was so eagerly awaited by our parents and birth attendants.

The voice is a symbol of vitality, health, and strength.

Throughout our lives, many times we feel silenced, unheard, rejected, ignored. Think about that tightness in your throat when you are holding back something that needs to be expressed.

Beautiful singing requires openness, freedom, expression, release. All of these things can be learned with time and diligence. These are skills that can positively affect your whole life if you let them.

As a singer, I have had to learn to walk this path toward freedom and expression, developing the resilience it takes to grow daily despite the challenges we all face in our lives.  This process is truly never complete, so I believe it’s important to find joy in the journey.

One aspect of finding joy in the journey of singing is setting meaningful goals.  There are many different goals you might have when first starting out, but what is important is to have a bit of direction to guide you.

This is where I find my joy: partnering with beginning singers who want to create something beautiful and grow in all aspects of their lives. I am here to provide the support and encouragement you need to become the strong and healthy singer you want to be.

Let’s dare to show up, strengthen our voices, and allow ourselves to be heard.