Aurelia’s Voice

Aurelia’s Voice is the songwriting moniker of classical singer, Tiffany Thorpe. She released her first single, “History”, in February 2021. Her first EP, “Courage”, will be released March 28, 2021 and will be available on Spotify, YouTube, and all other music streaming platforms.

“Inviting the listener to join together with the spurned saints of a cruel religion, Aurelia’s Voice floats in dreamy tones on a sea of complex emotions. Her music is evocative–drawing the listener to the sensations of pain, regret, frustration, and ultimately hope. Hope in oneself for the future. Hope in who we all can become when we realize the strength that dwells within. Classically rooted and refreshingly creative, every note draws the listener to sing a requiem for the past. 

May you be haunted by Aurelia’s Voice. May each and every word serve as an invitation to share in her sensations. Home truly is a place within yourself, and Aurelia’s voice belongs in the rafters awakening you from your self-induced slumber.” — David MacKay