Lesson Policies

Tiffany Thorpe’s Music Studio—Lesson Policies—In-Studio Lessons—2017

Contact: tiffanythorpemusic@gmail.com               www.tiffanythorpemusic.com

Rates: $22/30-min     $33/45-min     $44/60-min

Location: Flint, MI, College Cultural Neighborhood. Please contact me for address.

Teaching philosophy:

My primary goal as a music educator is to cultivate the joy of music in the lives of my students. In addition to joy, I desire to assist my students in learning the important qualities of perseverance, short-term and long-term goal setting, focus, and creativity. These qualities are developed through regular, quality practice and music instruction. The content of lessons is tailored to meet individual students’ needs and goals, but will generally consist of learning the fundamentals of music theory and applied instrument or vocal technique.

Lesson materials:

Students are required to purchase their own instrument, lesson books, a notebook for recording lesson assignments, and a metronome (free apps are available). I will suggest lesson books when necessary, which are available for purchase on amazon.com or sheetmusicplus.com. Occasionally, I will select pieces for the student to purchase on musicnotes.com. Other materials may be suggested, such as music flashcards. Voice students should also bring a water bottle and a recording device to lessons.


Regular practice is necessary in order for music students to improve. Frequency and intentionality are more important than duration. At each lesson, I discuss the upcoming week’s practice goals with the student. I do my best to be very specific with the student regarding how and what to practice. For young students, I ask that parents please notify me if the child has difficulty in knowing how to practice during the week. This way, I can make sure I am communicating the best way possible with the student. Adult students, please feel free to ask any and all questions as they arise.

Lesson expectations:

In order for students to receive the best instruction possible, I ask that the student and the student’s family adhere to the following:

-Please prepare to arrive a few minutes early to get comfortable before the lesson.
An adult caregiver must remain on site during the time of the lesson, and is welcomed and encouraged to sit in during the lesson to best know how to help the student practice.
-Siblings are welcome to be present at the lesson as long as there is no distraction for the student.
-In general, please make every effort to keep interruptions and distractions minimal so the student can focus on the lesson material.


I have a strict 24-hour notice cancellation policy. No refunds are given for canceled lessons. Instead, make up lessons will be scheduled for all cancellations given with at least 24-hour notice. Please cancel lessons by email, text, or phone call. If I do not answer, please leave a voice message.

Lessons canceled with less than 24-hour notice will not be made up at a later date and will not be refunded.

I allow only one last-minute cancellation per calendar year for sickness. This cancellation must be made at least six hours before the start of the lesson. This cancellation may not be used for other purposes.

I do not accommodate tardiness, so please make sure to be on time and prepared to start at the beginning of each lesson.

Any lessons canceled by me will be made up or credited to the next month.

Lesson scheduling:

Lessons are scheduled on a monthly basis, and will be entered into the online calendar at www.mymusicstaff.com. Students will receive a username and password to log in to this student portal. Here, you can view your schedule, invoice, previous payments, and more. Each month, I will add your lessons to the calendar and email you to confirm the schedule. Once the schedule is confirmed, I will email an invoice to you. You may also login by visiting www.tiffanythorpemusic.com and clicking the “log in” option on the menu.


Payment is due up-front for the full month of lessons.

Forms of payment accepted include: cash, check (to Tiffany Thorpe), Venmo,
or Paypal (additional $2 fee).

Discontinuing lessons:

If you plan to discontinue lessons, please let me know two weeks before a new month begins. Students should finish the month of currently scheduled lessons before cessation, as no refunds will be given for lessons already paid.